We can provide:
  • Initial set-up or technology update to your specific requirements
  • Installing and configuring your ADAGIO accounting system
  • Supervision of conversion and data entry (we specialize in efficient use of spreadsheets)
  • Developing procedures manuals and documentation for daily, month end, and year end procedures
  • Report writing services for customized management reports
  • Integration with ADAGIO  3rd Party products and Add-ons
  • On-going telephone and on-site technical support
  • Data repair services
Accounting System Design Integration and Implementation We have streamlined many data processing situations. Our approach is to look for important management objectives, and work with data processing staff to attain these. Our clients attest to having saved hundreds of hours of staff time by modifying their processes to our design.
Network/System  Consulting Working with our strategic partner, ECL Consulting, and other vendors as required, we research, design, and recommend solid computing platforms for clients ranging in size from 3 to 100 computers.
Pro-active automation to ensure data integrity &  backup

Database Repair

We have extensive experience setting up automated process to pro-actively backup vital accounting data & verify data integrity testing to avoid costly business disruption, or potential data loss.

Our approach to Data Repair, unlike many other Data Repair companies, is to not only repair the data but also to analyze the situation, so that the cause of the data corruption is diagnosed and resolved to avoid further recurrences of data corruption. On may occasions, we have reconstructed databases that other companies have declared corrupted beyond repair.

Remote SupportUsing various Remote Connection Software we support our clients without incurring travel charges. We are working with customers across time zones anywhere in the world. Currently, our longest distance client is located in Tasmania, Australia. 
Third Party Consulting & Outsourced IT/MIS Support ServicesWe act as independent consultants coordinating many pieces of the information processing puzzle. We work with network consultants, web designers, financial analysts, accountants, form suppliers, wiring specialists, and others to deliver a solution with a single point of control and responsibility.

Kerry Gullins is President of IOS Consulting Group A company that specializes in Adagio Business Accounting software, and computer system support services. Having proven our expertise in several highly specialized fields, Industry Specific Solutions are an important extension of our work.

The value of your data far exceeds the total cost of all your hardware and software combined. It is important to pro-actively minimize the risk of data corruption in your database. A good data protection strategy will prevent a data disaster from becoming a terrible week or disastrous month, spent trying to recreate your accounting.